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Hostname: | Stalked | Vanilla
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.13.154025
Platform: Windows
Added by: SixaraTM
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Votes: 11
Players: 0 / 50
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 3 (2 weeks ago)
Last Seen: 1 minute ago


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About Server
It’s a cold world that is run amok with zeds and the smell of death everywhere. You must survive by scavenging items throughout the land & under the cover of stealth. The Zeds want you but so do others. Another creature that could be your friend, foe, or the ultimate stalker! A monster like no other. Human.

So looking to set up camp and hunt? Make a friend? We have you covered. This server is pure, fun, & laid-back gaming.

Just remember? Don’t get stalked!

(This server is inspired by watching the Day One server interactions on Twitch. It inspired me to create a server with a chill atmosphere for those who want to try the game their way. Thank you in advance for giving this server a try and I hope you enjoy yourself!)
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