The Grey [PvP Zones - Raiding Zone- 100k Start - Heli - Airdrop]

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: The Grey [PvP Zones - Raiding Zone - 100k Start - Heli - Drugs]
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.13.154025
Platform: Windows
Added by: AttackOG
Server Statistics
Votes: 1
Players: 13 / 20
Avg Players: 12
Peak Players (All Time): 18 (3 weeks ago)
Last Seen: 2 minutes ago
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France14.2 ms
About Server
PC only

-1 big raid/PvP zone.
-Friendly and active admins.
-A fully decorated and community focused discord.
-A fully fleshed out, balanced and fair economy.
-Helis, cars, guns and drugs alongside increased loot, lots of clothing, airdrops, black market and lots of base supplies.
-Events reguarly from races to PvP to treasure hunts to hunting and raiding admin base.
-Modded but not to heavily to ensure a stable performance with little downtime.
-Lots of fun times and moments and interactions.
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