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From the personal records of one of the survivors

-=Day one=-

and again, the war did not bring anything good. After the spread of the virus, the bombing with nuclear weapons began. It's so good that at the time of the shelling I was on a ship not far from the shore.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, at the moment of impact, the blast wave raised such waves that Our ship could not resist, I hope that I am not the only survivor who reached the shore.

Well, all over again - A new life, new opportunities!!! I hope at least the canned food has been preserved...

-=Day two=-

Today I saw very strange animals in the forest. It looks like they have mutated. I wonder if something like this can happen to people?

-=Day three=-

People! Yes, I met people... They told me about those who could not hide from the blow. The virus did not allow the body to die, and now in cities and villages you can find what is left of them.

With animals, as it seemed, everything is not so simple. Not all animals were affected by the virus and you can find non-infected game!!!

-=Day four=-

It seems that something was hidden from us... I'm with my new friends, I got into a military zone. How many weapons and ammunition are there!!! It seems that the government knew about everything in advance…

-=Day 143=-

If you're reading this, it means that she finally got to us!!! something big, black, like a mutated bear. Others call it a chimera... I'm sorry, my friend, and good luck to you!!!!

We present to your attention the PVE server "Three Axes". Here you will plunge into the world after an epidemiological catastrophe, in which people, uniting, are trying to create new conditions for a safe life.

The air has become clean, the plants are green again, but we have met with the consequences of the apocalypse, with what we did not know before. The survivors have to face many difficulties, get their own clothes and food.

The territory is filled with infected (zombies) and as a result of unsuccessful attempts by scientists to somehow fix the situation, these are more dangerous mutated animals. Infected areas that can only be accessed by having

special equipment, it will soon be even more difficult to get there, because we will have to get permission to visit these territories, we value people's lives and do not want an inexperienced stalker to get there,

as a result, he did not return. People create clans, artels, each of which has a certain function in supporting each other and creating a new society, which is often not easy, given the kind of world they have to live in.

There is already, albeit a small, but working banking system, there is an organization that monitors the observance of order, as well as an artel of hunters from whom you can sell the animals you have obtained,

having received money in return or having exchanged it for something necessary. On the territory of Chernorussia, not for the first time, an illegal trader has been noticed, periodically changing his location, he gives a good price for

mutant parts, only he can offer top-end equipment and weapons. The survivors try to support each other, do not refuse to help people who are in difficult situations. The server is constantly working on

by improving the gameplay, new ideas from players will be considered. In the development of the PVP arena. Responsive administration, which takes into account our options for additions, changes on the server. We are waiting for you our friend and

we count on your help in cleaning up our house, which may have already become yours, from all the dishonesty that fills it.

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