Against All Odds - Hardcore PvE

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Hostname: Against All Odds - 1PP - Vanilla - Official Rules
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.13.154025
Platform: Windows
Added by: [AAO]SirTankAlot
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Peak Players (All Time): 5 (1 month ago)
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About Server
Against All Odds

Platform : PC
Location : EU
Name : Against All Odds - Hardcore PvE
Running on a rented dedicated box with full resources available.

The aim is to provide a fun PvE experience either you like soft RP or just playing the game without the worries of other players killing you. (No raiding, stealing or killing allowed!)
We offer a lot of great mods made by amazing people in this community.

Helicopters, more vehicles, better and special zombies, more wolves and bears, new guns and clothing and much more.

The server / community is fairly new and accepts everyone, if this interests you and would like to contribute with suggestions and ideas on how to make it better, join us!
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