DayZ na kolesax PVP

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: Zone Bear |PVP|X10|NAMALSK|EXPANSION|
Location: Russia Russia
Map: Namalsk
Version: 1.13.154025
Platform: Windows
Added by: Kleshev.konstantin
Server Statistics
Votes: 0
Players: 0 / 50
Avg Players: 1
Peak Players (All Time): 21 (2 months ago)
Last Seen: 4 minutes ago


About Server
Добро пожаловать на наш новый сервер в Dayz. Мы создали для вас сервер #na kolesax#, будем рады видеть вас на своём сервере. С Уважением!!!

Welcome to our new server at Dayz. We have created a #na kolesax # server for you, we will be glad to see you on our server. With respect!!!
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