Abandoned Hope

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Hostname: Abandoned Hope |Custom Trader|Custom Locations
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: ChernarusPlusGloom
Version: 1.13.154075
Platform: Windows
Added by: Jake Frost
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Peak Players (All Time): 15 (3 months ago)
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About Server
What happens when the Apocolypse is over and ninety percent of the human race is gone?

Mother nature takes back the planet and wildlife thrives.

In Abandoned Hope, we've taken a unique approach to the DayZ experience.
The zombie threat has almost been eradicated and wildlife has reclaimed Chernarus. The remaining survivors have begun to rebuild their lives the best they can.

However, there is one area the survivors dare not visit; Zelenogorsk. After a radiation leak, the area is highly contaminated and contains some horrific abominations. Left in the zone is some serious high-tier loot but, do not go alone.

With original, built from the ground up locations such as The Homestead, Smugglers Den, and Radiation Zone; the way you survive is your call, it's all about risk versus reward. You want high tier gear then you'll have to head out to the
more dangerous parts of the wild and visit the Smugglers Den to buy and sell your bounty, or if you prefer the simple life, you can head to the Homestead for a more relaxing environment.

This is a server built from the ground up by dedicated DayZ veterans.

Take to the sky in expansion helicopters or roam the wasteland in one of DMNS Vehicles. Make your money through the drug trade or rip the dog tags off of your victim to sell or go for a life of peace in The Homestead. The choice is yours.
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