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Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.13.154075
Platform: Windows
Added by: Jayjelly1986
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About Server
New Server Launch Community Built Have Your Say And Make It Better |BOS|PVE|PVP|Missions|Hunting|Airdrop|Bank|CustomTraders|Bases|Weed|Hordes|Gold|VestSystem|WalkingZds|Lots More
The BrothHood Of Survivors is a Packed modded server, Aimed More toward survival and the unknown.

Discord -
Server IP-
Server Port - 2302


* Lots of tings to do with missions and airdrops and treasure hunts or hunting, fishing, or been a farmer there is a tone of deco and base building customization to be done.
* A large variety of base building additions in the form of several mods.
* A map accessible for everyone by pressing M (default), and the ability to place client-sided markers for personal orientation. (Also features server-sided markers set by administrators.)
* Trader safezones for players to purchase and sell weapons, gear, and whatnot, or to simply chill and hang out.
* A large variety of weapon mods, fitting the vanilla DayZ experience.
* Leaving the vanilla DayZ pre-1.0 feeling of nostalgia intact, with rare M4s, FALs, and similar weapons, only slightly boosting their spawn quantities from vanilla.
* Trusted and experienced staffteam for over 10 years experience.
* Active admin who dose not play just fix and is open to any suggestion
Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you online soon! ~ Jelly

MOD LIST (version 1.11):

Missions by finding a hand held radio and a battery tune into 99.7 and wait.
Modular Vest System adds lots of new gear
Banking-Atm at each trader
x8 Traders spread across the map
x4 Traders (Green Mountain, Kumyrna, Klen, Stary Trader.
x4 Custom Traders (Hunting, Fish, Blackmarkets, Weed Dealer.
Base build any were 1000m from safe zones
BuildingPlus 100meter land calim to build as big as you like with T1-Wood T2-metal T3-Concreat all parts sold at traders.
CannabisPlus to grow your crops and sell for high value
CarCover to protect survivors transport from despawning
Durable Suppressors
Hordes event spawns at airfields with top gear and loot
Code Lock for keeping tings safe
KillReward is a lvl system when killing zds and animals press j to open
SummerChernarus Map
VPPNotifications will Notifications players whenand were airdrops or hords spawn
WalkingDeadZombies every were.
GarbageSearch allows searching rubbish bins and piles trash every with added gold nugget and good loot to the search but wear gloves you can cut your hands.
Unlimited Stamina keep it lit
VanillaPlusPlusMap by pressing M
Animal-Pack adds predators to the map listen out they can catch you of guard
FarmingPlus allows you to tame animals and live peacfully with farm building parts
MuchStuffPack is a lot of deco fot bases and camping
Bed-Respawning allows you to respawn back on your bed when you die buy a bed from the trader.
Airdrop-Upgraded added gold bars and building supplys and top weapons
Advanced Weapon Scopes
Trader Bulk Sell Extension allows you to quick sell every ting in one go in a barrel at each trader with out having to run around to each trader one by one.
Base Fortifications can be got from trader to help you sleep at night
Rusflex_Typhoon is out there you cant miss it
SchanaModGlobalChat press z to change channell
Treasure if you find a photo in loot inspect it, it will lead you on a treasure hunt
Blackouts Corvette
Blackouts Baja
RevGuns adds lots of guns
Disease Injectors
Zeroy-FishingZ with custom trader to buy and sell fishing gear
Gold Nuggets are every were in rubbish piles on the zds in the air drops even in the wild were the mooshrooms grow gold can make you rich.
x4 Traders (Green Mountain, Kumyrna, Klen, Stary Trader.
x4 Custom Traders (Hunting, Fish, Blackmarket, Weed Dealer.
Traders fully reworked and with all animal pelts and parts to sell after hunting,
The Following can only be purchased and sold at the Hunting Trader
<Category> Animal Pelts
<Category> Animal Parts
<Category> Meat
<Category> Hunting Clothing
(own trading zones), balanced spawn of items & weapons from mods.

Server Start Date: 10-March-21
Restarts - 5:00AM Daily - NO WIPES
Discord -
Port - 2302
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