NoMercy EU - New Vanilla+ Experience Server

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: [KDN gaming]-vietnam server
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Cam_lao_nam
Version: 2.04.147540
Platform: Windows
Added by: MrEľz
Server Statistics
Votes: 0
Players: 0 / 32
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 13 (5 months ago)
Last Seen: 2 months ago
About Server
Looking for a DayZ server
Without traders?
Without ATMs?
Without overpowered vehicles and
without backpacks with thousands of slots?
But You still want your favourite mods to be there?...yes?

Solution arrived!

☆ What is our project?
NoMercy is a new server
1PP | PvP Vanilla-Like with mods and economy, which will not let you down, but also won't make the gameplay easier!

It's true - that You can still find here such treasures as 120 slot backpack or high caliber weapons as M82, but we have made every effort, to make them rare, so getting them could be a real challenge and require confrontation!

Moreover raids on other players' bases are now open 24/7, but explosive materials are not common.
Be prepared!

☆ What are our goals?
Well balanced economy and satisfying Heli-Crashes are our absolute priorities.
We want every player looking for challenges and vibe of classic DayZ to find them here. We do not want to leave people alone with servers where Survival starts to look like GTA.

As soon as required number of players join our community, we will also consider creating random events.
Be ready for updates!

☆And what about rules?☆
Rules here are pretty basic, simple and do not require long investigation.
If you want to know more and take part in our server advancement, please join our Discord server below.


Your opinions and suggestions are really important to us.
Please share them on specified channel.


● IP: ●

● Battlemetrics ●

☆Mods list☆

• Community Framework

• VPPAdminTools

• Vehicle3PP - You can change to 3PP in vehicles

• SimpleAutorun - autorun after clicking specified key

• SchanaModParty - You can add players to party group and ping waypoints

• SchanaModGlobalChat - added global chat

• NoVehicleDamage - vehicles are not being damaged in case of collision with environment or other vehicle

• Mortys Weapons - new weapons and ammo

• GoreZ - additional blood particles and bloody puddles

• Easy Map - tourist map lets you see your location

• Ear Plugs - You can silence or mute Your game with clicking specified key

• CodeLock - added code lock to lock Your gates/tents

• BuildAnywhere_v3 - lets You build walls/gates/tents also on non-flat terrain

• Base Furniture Mods 3.0 - new furniture and gun racks

• Modular Vest System - new clothes, backpacks, vests and helmets camo

Join us today!
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