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Server Address:
Hostname: HIGH ZONE - EU FR - 3PP|PvP|Cal.50|AirDrops|Drugs|Cars|CustomMA
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.11.153731
Platform: Windows
Added by: ⒶH3R0
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Votes: 115
Players: 0 / 60
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Peak Players (All Time): 60 (6 months ago)
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About Server
Custom Mapping:

- Chernarus summer. (more vivid colours & more flora)
- Military bases are reworked for combat. (& more are incoming)
- New military zones. (Novodmitrovsk and other works in progress)
- Reworked Loot Tiers.
- Original localizations for Traders. (Devil's Castle | Nadezdha | Krona)
- Improved AirDrops with modded content.
- Chernarus is alive ! (All the fauna is activated, ah! and the undeads too..)

Mods & Features:

- You can select your spawnpoint.
- You can add your mates in a group and ping positions shown on each member's HUD.
- Starting gear and equipment.
- Auto-run with your inventory open.
- 55K $$$ starting money on your ATM.
- Generic traders in safezones. (+ a Black Market !NO SAFEZONE!)
- Civil and armored vehicle traders.
(Low prices for civil cars, quick access to vehicles: Sarka, ADA, BMW & plus)
- You'll never be lost: our server has map-markers and you can create your private ones.
- Cannabis & Cocaïn cultivation and trading. (!NO SAFEZONE!)
- Car locking system & key duplicator.
- BaseBuilding+ Codelocks and a large choice for storage items.
(Furniture, Lockers, boxes...)
- Raids system with breaching charges/C4.
(Craftable or only to purchase on the Black Market)
- Large choice in medium and heavy weaponry.
- Large choice in military gear in many different camouflage.

RoadMap & Future Updates:

- Adding Helicopters.
- New customized Military areas.
- Custom Clan Gear.
- Custom unique weapons.
- And even more, if we the community grows bigger.

Player support | Tutorials | Community


-----> http://discord.gg/ySGYwGaxr3 <-----


Our Team:

Our Admin/Moderation team is based is France.
But most of us can speak English & German as well, and French of course.
Voilà !
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