DOTZ Prisoners Of Chernarus

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Hostname: DOTZ - Prisoners Of Chernarus | Survival - RP - Life | 1.11
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.11.153728
Platform: Windows
Added by: Captain Bigzy
Server Statistics
Votes: 2
Players: 7 / 60
Avg Players: 2
Peak Players (All Time): 11 (2 months ago)
Last Seen: 4 minutes ago


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Ping from Response time
France13.9 ms
Russia44.7 ms
USA74.1 ms
About Server
Prisoners Of Chernarus is an RP based server where all players start out as a prisoner in the Chernarus Penitentiary and have to escape to find a new life for themselves, its here the survival journey begins....
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