DroppointZ on PC - Chernarus Survival with Namalsk environment! EVR STORM! MUTANTS! CREATURES! HELIS! CARS! MODS! GUNS! AND MORE !!!

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Hostname: GTXGaming.co.uk - DayZ Server
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.10.153598
Platform: Windows
Added by: Pheoxin
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Players: 0 / 40
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 40 (7 months ago)
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About Server
Welcome Survivor!

Are you looking for real survival experience? Are you bored of same zeds over and over again? Are you tired of running simulator to find that 1 can of beans after hours? Are you prepared to embrace dark reality? Do you want to surive in post apocalypse world, where nature took over? Are you brave enough to face the creatures not from this world roaming around just waiting for your mistake? Well...

Welcome to Dropppoint Z.

Imagine good old Chernarus, but not the same anymore.. After apocalypses that happened nature took cover streets, broken trees blocking paths, crushing streets, wreckages of cars of this who were not lucky enough to make through.. And there is you - scavenging from house to shed looking for gear, food, water. House after house, city after city, everything seems same, but have you ever hear zombie wolf hunting? No? Have you ever looked through window of house to see if there is zed outside? I bet you did. What if instead of just normal zed you see his new buddy blazing skeleton behind him? Oh yeah! Not enough? Imagine combined howl of wolf with growl of bear... Can you hear it? That’s out big puppy – chimera, just waiting outside to plunder your weak body. Don’t worry, not only animals and mutants are there trying to get piece of you. Nature itself will try it also.. Tough, unforgiving Namalsk experience came to Chernarus also with its one and only EVR STORM! Hunting the one who weren’t careful enough...

Wolfs, bears, zeds – ofc we got them... What about something else like: skeletons, mutants, swamp monster, deformed creatures? HELL YEAH WE DO!

If you will be able to get to trader located in safezone you be happy to see 20k in your bank account that you can spend on high end modded gear from our traders in all camos, colors and variations, get a car or helicopter, buy powerful gun or 2 or 3! Just so you to feel like you are ready for this cursed land to experience. Tho... Well... Trust me... Death is just waiting around the corner ;)

So build base, gather supplies, sell gear, buy better one, use cars, helicopters, do what’s necessary to stay alive. Good luck!

What we offer you ask? Huh, check this out:
- stable server connection with low latency
- high quality mods (over 90 mods!)
- Namalsk Survival mod – experience hard conditions straight from newest DLC ! Blizzard and EVR Storms!
- Nature Overhaul mod – post apocalypse look of street and cities
- CREATURES AND MONSTERS you haven't seen before
- high quality gear
- base building
- variety of cars and helicopters
- active player base
- nice and chilled admin to help you solve DayZ issues
- PvE experience with PvP allowed zones
- multiple traders : Green Mountain, Kumyrna, Drug Dealer, Aircraft Guy, Crazy Proffesor, Black Market
- helpful community to team up with or ask for advices

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