[EU] GenerationZ I 1PP I PVP I Weapons+ I Raid Time I Trader

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: [EU] GenerationZ #1 I Expansion I Drugs I C4Raid I Loot++ I PVP
Location: Germany Germany
Map: ChernarusPlusGloom
Version: 1.11.153731
Platform: Windows
Added by: Rodestar
Server Statistics
Votes: 0
Players: 0 / 90
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 9 (7 months ago)
Last Seen: 4 months ago


About Server

We are a new community, so if there are mistakes don't take us angry if you notice something you are welcome to contact us have fun playing you will expect a lot ...

Discord: https://discord.gg/Xm5EkvCGxq
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