Paranoia Dayz Community | PvE | Custom Zeds + Zones + Cars

Server Info
Server Address: Private server
Hostname: We moved!!! new IP: search Paranoia DayZ again!
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Valning
Version: 1.11.153731
Platform: Windows
Added by: ???? Sweeti ????
Server Statistics
Votes: 3
Players: 0 / 1
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 40 (8 months ago)
Last Seen: 4 months ago


About Server
We are a server that plays pure PVE. With a friendly and helpful community behind us, we have a lot of time to work on the server and always bring new things. If you are curious, come by.

???? active Community
???? Custom Airdrops
???? Custom Zones
???? Custom Trader
???? active Admins
???? friendly Community
???? Custom Zombieloot
???? more Wildlife
???? Custom Toxiczone
???? TS3 + Discord
???? Airdrops and Events

and much more PVE
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