Survivalists RP | No KoS | Whitelisted |

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: Survivalists RP |No KoS|Whitelisted|
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: Deerisle
Version: 1.13.154075
Platform: Windows
Added by: ????Orin Miller????
Server Statistics
Votes: 3
Players: 4 / 80
Avg Players: 8
Peak Players (All Time): 80 (8 months ago)
Last Seen: 2 minutes ago


About Server
Server Information

Server Name - Survivalists RP |No KoS|Whitelisted|
Server IP -
Whitelist Application -

Server Mods - 13GB

Server Rundown
★ This is a role-play server that does not allow killing on sight (Unless in a designated KoS zone)
★ This is a community server that is run via voting. This includes new mods, rules and general server changes.
★ Our zombies are unpredictable and bunch in hordes. Military zombies run, and others walk during the day. At night they all run
★ Modded map | Deer Isle
★ Player run trading groups, no AI traders
★ We have included a number of weapons, clothing and item mod packs
★ We have server events, such as treasure hunts, boxing, RP events that expand our server lore, and more
★ We allow towns to be captured by groups to add to the RP
★ Escalated RP leading to robberies, hostage taking, torture and more
★ A custom tailored war system to allow factions to hash out any beef
★ Custom menu screens to remove the useless buttons
★ Frequent custom updates to keep the server feeling fresh, and to add to the RP

Server Trailer -
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Ya Girl Drash avatar Ya Girl Drash #50 6 months ago
Love this server <3 Great RP!
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