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Server Address:
Hostname: ForsakenTest
Location: France France
Map: Enoch
Version: 1.10.153576
Platform: Windows
Added by: GazGray
Server Statistics
Votes: 0
Players: 0 / 60
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 42 (9 months ago)
Last Seen: 8 months ago


About Server
Looking for a growing PVP Livonia server? Maybe you have wanted to try out PVP but havent found a server to grow and learn with, well here is the server for you! New server just a couple weeks old getting started on Livonia. Several members already becoming regulars! Traders, custom cars, HELICOPTER MOD, variety of weapons and clothing and plenty of other awesome stuff to check out. Active seasoned admins (dual servers) and custom locations. Player feedback welcomed! We have 2 safe zone traders and a black market, wanting to do some group work? check out our faction section on the discord! Start your empire today and join us, just dont forget your gas mask as we have 3 custom toxic zones!
Forsaken Lands Fimbulvetr|Livonia|PVP|Helis|CustomCars|Traders|
IP -
Great player community for all levels.
Check out our discord for more information and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
[Forsaken Admin] Kentucky - Server owner.
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