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Hostname: VirtuousArmsOMG |PvP|Expansion|Drops|HCrashes|OverhauledLoot
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: ChernarusPlusGloom
Version: 1.09.153419
Platform: Windows
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About Server
Server Rules -

No Racism/Sexist/Political/etc!

Be mature if you're going to be part of our community!

No Cheating or Hacking! You will be banned.

PvP Yes, Base Raiding No.

Have fun!

Server Rundown -

We initially came into the server scene with a thought of doing something different that many servers either don't have the time to do or put in the effort to do. Have you ever joined a server that might have high loot or low loot and you just find the same crap all the time or nothing that you want and more of what you don't want? Maybe you joined a server and had a ton handed to you at spawn and didn't really enjoy how the early stages played out?

Perhaps, you joined one of those servers that had Scorpions spawning on the coast line and you just ended up getting sprayed down and that was the end of that, am I right? Am I close? Either way lets move on. We are solely based on minimal mods and only running the hardest hitting mod currently being DayZ Expansion. It's added a lot to the game, but we've made multiple edits to the loot tables, and tiered items and spawn area's for said items.

Everything we've done may or may not be different from other servers, but I haven't an idea, I will let the server speak for itself. But keep in mind we are mostly a vanilla server with the Expansion Mod only bringing in the new things that it does. We know there's still people out there who don't care for Traders/etc, so if you're into vanilla servers that might bring something new to the table, we might be the server you're looking for.

The only time we will ever wipe our servers is IF and ONLY IF DayZ Expansion requires it to happen, so far we haven't had to so all is well in that department. However, keep in mind that we are constantly trying to make updates to the server for the better and longevity of it's run. Let us know what you think about the loot tables and where things are, give us feedback we're open to it.

In the mean time, good luck and we will see you in Chernarus!

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