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Hostname: MassGrave #1 |CashMoney|LOOT+|WEAPONS+|TRADER|GORE+|PVP
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.10.153598
Platform: Windows
Added by: Axobi
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Votes: 3
Players: 0 / 70
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 91 (10 months ago)
Last Seen: 7 months ago


About Server
Image a project for DayZ-Players, trying to make everything better, that is not working right on other Servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 8000 hours, based on our DayZ-Experience we took the decision, to setup our own Server, where we try to ensure a nice gaming experience for everybody. If you are a good guy or a bandit is completely up to you. We don't judge.

Friday 6PM UNTIL Sunday 12AM

New Player friendly and new players welcome, you can build your Base within the week from Monday until Friday so that you have the chance to protect your Base at the weekend.

Axobi's mods Base Furniture Mods 3.0, Base Storage, Colorful Lights, Trader Lights, AmmoToBox and a wide range of weapons.

Also, we offer perfect configured mods from other modders, such as: Airdrop, Auto Run, Unlimited Stamina, Vanilla Map, Inventory++, Dark Bear, Flip Transport, Cannabis Plus, Dingo Truck, Code Lock, GoreZ, BaseBuildingPlus, BMW, Modular Vest System, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul, Trader, Banking, Group System, Extended Compass, SpawnSelect, Car Typhoon, Truck Kamaz, Car VAZ, Ear Plugs, Mercedes G65 AMG, Land Rover Defender 110... and more coming soon!

All Traders are custom made, we have build with love and not just dumped everything down like on other Servers. It took many weeks to place all objects and even tiny objects such as decoration.

Central Trader, Trader City, Basebuilding Shop, Helicopter Shop, Hunting Trader, Black Hunting Trader, Black Market, Smuggler Cove.

65.000 Rubel on the Bank guarantee you an relaxed start to check out the Server. If you dont like certain things, please have in mind that every Server is on another level, that means every Server offers something different. But we are always open for suggestions and new ideas.

We are doing Events on a monthly basis, sometimes even weekly! Our lovely Community has always nice ideas for awesome Events. Also, sometimes we are hiding Gold Bars somewhere on the Map that you can sell on the Black Market.

Rules can be found on Discord, we do not like Rules either, but sadly, we need them.

Support and more Information on Discord:

No Admin-Abuse! We as Admins are not allowed to use our Admin-Tools if there is no need for it, we mainly use our Power on a Test Server instead and not on the Live-Server. E.g. if someone died because of a Bug, we are required to activate our tool to teleport to the dead bugged player to give him back his loot. We do not like Bugs either, but Ladybugs are cute. Otherwise, we will never ever activate our Admin-Tools, not even to spy on you, we dont have an invisible mod like on other Servers, other Servers are using an invisible mod that includes invisible clothes, that makes the Player invisible and can spy on you without you knowing, we have no intention to do that at all, and we will never have such mods! We love DayZ, we like to play normal, we like to survive and we like to have some communications while exploring the nature.

Admin-Abuse does not happen on our Server! The Admins and also the Support is there for you on Discord anytime when online. Admins are not playing on the Server.

Happy Surviving Survivor!

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