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Hostname: NEW [GER/ENG] LastChance [ PVP | Toxic | Wallet | Trader ]
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.09.153395
Platform: Windows
Added by: MoshpitJim
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Peak Players (All Time): 16 (11 months ago)
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About Server
Hello dear DayZ community we cordially invite you to our server [GER/ENG] LastChance [PVP I Toxic I Wallet I Trader].

We want to give you exactly all the prizes that will be available on our server.

We hope we meet your expectations and are looking forward to welcome "you" on our server.

Server Information

For a great gaming experience we thought we needed a strong server where Survival is still written in capital letters.

Powerful server = gaming fun Pure

From house to house from car to car not with us of course there are still the loot possibilities but with us you can also search every garbage can and garbage mountain for loot.

New weapons thanks to the different weapon mods the discovery of weapons never gets boring.

With our great mods BaseBuildingPlus and Beautiful Custom Furniture there are also many new items that will make your base look better.

Toxic Zone is where you dare to go to organize your Highloot ? but beware, there are many zombies and wolves waiting for you.

On our server there are also traders but we have decided against ATM's and integrated wallet's.

Events & Community wishes

Much more is planned, e.g. events and changes of the server by the wishes of our players.

Raid times

SpawnSelect with cardinal points

Soon also with missions.

This is us the LastChance - Community

We are a German and English language server.

Our server is new and partly still under construction. (Opened on 8.sept.2020)


Discord and GameServer are attainable under...

DZSA Launcher: [GER/ENG] LastChance [PVP I Toxic I Wallet I Trader]

Discord: [](
We are looking forward to you!

MFG the LastChance Team
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