Expired Beans [UK/EU] 3PP | Weapons+ | Clothing+ | Trader | Banking | Party | Building+ | Drops

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: Operation SHIDA - Modded PVE Survival
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Map: ChernarusPlusGloom
Version: 1.10.153598
Platform: Windows
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Players: 0 / 15
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 16 (11 months ago)
Last Seen: 2 months ago
About Server
Expired Beans DayZ is a server for the UK/EU folks with a strong community feel. Everyone is welcome though!
Third person, KOS (if you want) with base-building, airdrops and more!

We have our own discord https://discord.gg/CFxDYRj) that handles everything for our server.
Our community helps expand our server with their feedback.

On our server we have:
- VanillaPlusPlusMap
- GoreZ (See that zombie/player blood spray)
- Traders with banking to allow you to stash your money away (and a wallet)
- Fairer trader and items found throughout the world
- Ear-plugs to make things quieter, when you need it
- Party system, so you can party up and see one another
- Auto-run, save those fingers the holding strength
- Stamina has been reworked, to allow you to last longer
- Tonnes of weapons, scopes, attachments, clothes etc.
- Base building with code locks to make things more secure
- Base furniture expansion for nicer storage opportunities
- Improved barbed wire (stop those zombies/players getting in)
- Airdrops that are randomised and called on by flares
- Events in game to make things a little more interesting
- Active admins to resolve any issues you may have quickly

We hope to see you over there! Freshly wiped, new start, bring your friends.
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