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Server Address:
Hostname: – JudgementDayZ | 1PP | Hardcore Survival
Location: United States of America United States of America
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.11.153731
Platform: Windows
Added by: Widowmaker_Deux
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Dedicated Hardcore

About Server
Forged Survivor - Balanced Hardcore DayZ Server

The Forged Survivor community offers a community developed PC DayZ SA server that is balanced for hardcore survival and multiple styles of gameplay. Hosted on a dedicated machine in US-NY.

Forged Survivor DayZ SA Server

Server Name: – JudgementDayZ | 1PP | HC Survival | Game Driven RP
Server IP:

Mod List:

1. CF
2. Community-Online-Tools
3. Notes
4. BulletRebalance
5. NoTapeOnGuns
6. BaseRaidToolsV2
7. TougherBasesV2
8. CodeLock
9. BuildAnywhere_v3
10. WindstridesClothingPack
11. WeaponReduxPack
12. WMDmod (Actively developed mod dedicated to supporting Forged Survivor servers)
* Resizing of item sizes and storage container sizes
* Changes to crafting recipes
* Changes to storage properties

Server Notes:

Storage persistence: 10 days for underground stashes, 14 days for all above ground storage.

General loot/spawn economy as follows:
* Reduced survival equipment
* Reduced storage items
* Reduced mid-high tier ammo and weapon attachments
* Reduced food
* Reduced medical supplies
* Increased tents
* Increased big game wildlife
* Increased zombies

Raiding: Limited by raid tools (raid hammer/raid saw), and currently has a 15 minute destruction time per base lock/gate part.

Day/Night: 4.5 hour days/1.5 hour nights

Restarts: 12AM/6AM/12PM/6PM US-EST

Server Location/Hardware: The server is US-NY based and running on a dedicated i7 9700K machine running one server instance. Server performance is second only to game mechanic balance, and will be regularly evaluated with changes to player population, installed mods, and hardware provider quality.

Forged Survivor Community:

The Forged Survivor DayZ Standalone Community mission is to share unique and unpredictable survival experiences in DayZ. This mission is accomplished through a community developed server, and holding players and members to high standards. The aim of the server development team is to make the most of the mechanics already in vanilla DayZ, but balance them to account for a variety of play styles. In short, survival should be difficult but not impossible, and the bandits, heroes, business men, farmers, fisherman, roamers, hoarders, and tons of other objective roleplay players should find this server suitable.

Community members are encouraged to share feedback on server design and balance to yield the highest quality server possible. We believe in fostering genuine interactions in game through balancing vanilla DayZ mechanics. Mechanics should reinforce and reward roleplay behavior, but not impede casual gameplay. Major overhaul of mechanics or added content should enhance the game and promote both peace and rivalry among different player types. Roleplay is not at the center of server design, but does weigh into design decisions.

The server is open to any and all players, and no roleplay rules are strictly enforced. The quality of roleplay is grounded in the game mechanics driving interaction, and a critical mass of community members engaging in rich roleplay.
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