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Hostname: HCRP - Whitelisted - www.hcroleplayers.com No KoS
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.07.153006
Platform: Windows
Added by: Cyfear
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About Server
HCRP (HardCore RolePlay) is a role-play server, made by Role-players for Role-players. Our aim is to offer freedom of roleplay on a lore backdrop and to encourage lifestyles within our server. We want to look after those who seek longevity and a community enviroment. We have a home for most type of roleplayers but do not focus overly on one area, We are not a Milsim for example

Our principles on most our decisions are based on the below, this includes enviroment decisions such as mod selection.
RP1 = Does it make Roleplay sense, belong in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Environment. Electrical and fuel Supply may be overlooked in favour of RP to an extent
RP2 = It provides additional Roleplay resources, I.E Cosmetic and item packs. We may use a Mod but remove some times that don't comply with the other factors and/or add them to a high priced trader
QoL = Quality of life. Improving the Quality of life for player base. Codelocks is a good example.
Server = These benefit the server, most likely admin tools or preforms a background task
Ruleset = Benefits the ruleset or defined lore

[b]** Features**

**A higher brand of Roleplay**
We are looking for serious, in depth roleplay. Not the one liner bang bang kids. Your actions have Roleplay consequences and your always in character! Our ruleset favours the roleplay, not the gun in your hand!

** Custom Traders in custom locations:**
Our traders are not just the generic Dr. Jones traders, We've spent time and effort to distribute traders around the map, each with their own personna, background, lore and unique enviroments built for them (with some hidden easter eggs). You'll have to explore the map and the lore to discover their locations. No more payday for loot cyclers! You'll have to be smart to make your cash flow work for you. or, take a few dangerous steps.

Prepare yourself, Winter is coming (always wanted an excuse to use that quote). We cycle through the Summer_chernarus and the Winter_chernarus mods, while you enjoy a long summer, winter draws ever close

**Perfectly picked Mods**
Alot of the mods we have selected are to supplement Roleplay and locking yourself in a base won't help that. Mostly because your food supplies will Rot but also because we've added plenty of reasons for you to get out and about. With plenty of activities to do and Roleplay to be had!

**Plenty, plenty more**
Not only are we providing an amazing Dayz Roleplay enviroment, the website design has you in mind to and we have a discord thats loaded with help and some of the most Fantastic staff on board. Still in our fledgling moments, HCRP has achieved a huge amount and is set to continue this pace long after the server settles with plenty more projects in mind to fill the HCRP quota.

Additional PvP Server
Because we all like to get our gun off everynow and then, rather than have that effect your roleplay, we provide an open, zero application PvP server, Its for fun, for testing and for shooting.

**Roleplay your way, where the story matters**
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