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Hostname: DutchGaanders
Location: France France
Map: Deerisle
Version: 1.10.153576
Platform: Windows
Added by: Axobi
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Votes: 1
Players: 0 / 10
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 51 (1 year ago)
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About Server
MassGrave Community.. a project for DayZ-Players, trying to make everything better, that is not working right on other servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 7000 hours, based on our DayZ-Experience we took the decision, to setup our own Server, where we try to ensure a nice gaming experience for everybody. 65.000 Rubels on the Bank guarantee you an relaxed start to check out the server. If you are a good guy or a bandit is completely up to you. We don't judge.

Maximum variety on weapons and cars, a lot of different Traders: Trader City, Central Trader, Black Market, Hunting Trader, Black Hunting Trader, Drug Dealer, Basebuilding Shop.

DZSA Launcher:

DZSA Launcher Filter Search: MassGrave


TraderLayoutUpdated, Custom Trader (build with love), KillFeed, BetterBarbedWire, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul, MoreDoors, RaG_Hummer_Refresh_600, Mercedes_G65_AMG, Land Rover Defender, IRP-Land-Rover-Defender-110, GAZ_Tigr_FIXED, TimeDestruction, Dingo_Truck, dbo_uaz, Dark_Bear, CannabisPlus, BulletStacksPlusPlus, BreachingchargeBasebuildingPlus, Breachingcharge, BuilderItems, BaseBuildingPlus, Base_Storage, Base Furniture Mods 2.0, [CrSk] VAZ-2107, [CrSk] GAZ-3309, [CrSk] BMW 525i E34, DisableBaseDestruction, VanillaPlusPlusMap, Airdrop-Upgraded, Banking, Better Inspect, BuildAnywhere, DropItemsBeforeDying, GoreZ, InventoryPlusPlus, PartyMe, SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run, Code Lock, Colorful-Lights, Ear-Plugs, Unlimited Stamina, DayZ-Expansion-Notifications, DayZ-Expansion-Chat, CF and a lot of custom work, we spent lots of months on this Server.

The rules are very simple:

I | Your Base needs to be signed up. Check out #base-registration on our Discord (no need to wait for an response)

II | One Player -> One Base | One Clan -> One Base. You can build your Base however you want.

III | Do not build your Base on or near Military Bases.

IV | Base Raiding 24/7, 24-365: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Build your Base Raid Safe.

V | Please be nice in Chat, English and German only. (all countries welcome)

VI | No Admin-Abuse! We as Admins are not allowed to use our Admin-Tools if we play like a normal player as you are. E.g. if someone died because of a Bug, we are required to activate our tool to teleport to the dead bugged player to give him back his loot. We do not like Bugs either, but Ladybugs are cute. Otherwise, we will never ever activate our Admin-Tools. We love DayZ, we like to play normal, we like to survive and we like to have some communications while exploring the nature.

Admin-Abuse does not happen on our Server! The Admins are there for you on the Discord anytime when online, but are playing on the Server as normal players just like anybody else does – without rights. In cases of emergency, they come to help, in the meantime they play without adminrights.

Happy Surviving Survivor!
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