Carim DayZ

Server Info
Server Address:
Hostname: Carim Loot+|Guns+|Party|Autorun|Airdrops
Location: Germany Germany
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.08.153276
Platform: Windows
Added by: Cnofafva
Server Statistics
Votes: 1
Players: 0 / 120
Avg Players: 0
Peak Players (All Time): 7 (1 year ago)
Last Seen: 11 months ago
About Server
Come join Carim, the server dedicated to serving the community through open source contributions. The server's configuration is automatically generated to be fun, fair, and balanced for whatever playstyle suits you. The server is managed by an IT professional, ensuring stability and responsiveness to issues.

Full mod list:

Open source tools:

1. Carim Discord Bot: a bot that provides cross chat between the game and discord along with admin RCon commands for server owners
2. Carim configuration tool: tool used to generate the economy and mod configuration

Open source mods:

1. SchanaModAutorun:
2. SchanaModCompass:
3. SchanaModTraderNametags:
4. SchanaModLockPick:
5. SchanaModNoVehicleDamage:
6. SchanaModSurvivorSelect:
7. SchanaModExpansionChatRCon:
8. SchanaModAdminOmniTool:
9. SchanaModParty:

Come support growing the community through open source!

Carim Discord:
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