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Hostname: Lost in Livonia | Zombie Hordes | Radioactivity | KillinZedz
Location: Canada Canada
Map: Enoch
Version: 1.07.153006
Platform: Windows
Added by: BetterDeadThanZed
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Dedicated Hardcore

About Server
The Lost in Livonia server is now online! The server is heavily modified in a manner to make it a real experience and not just another high loot COD-esque sandbox. The server has some great mods such as the no asphalt mod, which covers up many of the roads in Livonia with grass, increasing the apocalyptic atmosphere. Our zombie mods include the PVZ zombie mods, which uses a spawn system based on the players instead of blanket spawning of zombies around the map. The mods also alter the behavior of the zombies to include a mix of walking and running zombies and the most dangerous zombies of all - priest zombies. The Dark Horde zombie mod creates a wandering horde on the map that is a real challenge to destroy.

We also use the Player to Player trading mod. A player can go to the cash register in any general store on the map, press the B button and put things up for trade or accept the trades offered by other players. We don't use a regular trader mod with money and unlimited supplies of everything because that makes things just too easy.

The server uses several building mods to enhance the experience for our players. These include Base Building Plus, Simple Base, OP Base Items and Base Fortifications. These mods include improved crafting items, new walls, snapping, land claims and more. You can also place fortified items around your base to help defend against looters. Base´╗┐s can only be broken into using a sledgehammer on the lock. The walls and gates can not be taken down with the conventional tools, making bases more secure than before.

Many survival mods are used as well, including rags only from pristine clothes, less meat from animals, the perishable food mod and the medical attention mod. You need to be careful and ensure you have proper medical supplies so you don't die from diseases or sustain an injury that slows you down. There are refrigerators that can be powered to store the perishable foods so they last longer. To make your survival more interesting, we've got radioactive zones, so don't get irradiated! Put on a full NBC suit before entering.

On our Discord server, we have a channel with links to all of our mods so that you can easily read about how they all work. I highly recommend you join us on Discord at http://discord.me/killinzedz. Search for KillinZedz or "Lost in Livonia" in the server browser to find us! The IP/port is
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