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Hostname: [SE]FriendlyMilita|LowPing|Modded|High Loot|Short Nights|Trader
Location: Sweden Sweden
Map: Chernarusplus
Version: 1.07.153006
Platform: Windows
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Players 6 / 80
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Peak Players (All Time) 14 (7 months ago)

Dedicated Hardcore

About Server

Racist, ethnic, religous or homophobic insults or bigotry will be met with a zero tolerance approach. Offenders will be kicked if
proven guilty and also banned depending on the magnitude of the offence.

Logging out in the middle of a fight with another player will result in a warning from the admins and upon continued cowardice, a ban.
How can we prove this? We got logs. Lots of logs. Finish what has been started!

-Hacks & Glitches-
Banned Banned Banned. Questions?

-Killing newspawns/bambikilling-
Allowed. There could be a UMP in those jeans.


The stamina on our server is kept true to the official DayZ stamina. We believe that altering the value of this would inpact the narrative
of the DayZ expirience.

We've added to the infected-count spawning mainly in the city/military/village areas. This will make players think before letting off
loud shots and taking a more tactical approach to resolve a dangerours situation.

We've added more diverse spawnpoints to our server. This is to introduce and re-introduce the "where the f am I?" feeling to the players
and forcing them to explore,navigate and making the best of the situation. The more you know the map, the more you know.

Cars will spawn in most cases with more attachments such as batteries, lights and sparkplugs, but without gasoline, water and motoroil.
The reason for this is that we want the find of a car to be rewarding quicker, rather than being seen as a huge investment of time.

Current Mods on the server:
It's getting updated constantly. Check our discord server.

Easiest way to join modded servers is to download third party launcher: DZSA launcher and join from there.
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