Host Your Own DayZ Server

Do you want to host your own dedicated DayZ server?

There are a lot of providers out there, where you can rent and host a DayZ server. We list you some popular once, that let you create and manager DayZ servers with ease.

How much does DayZ hosting cost?

Below we have a list of different DayZ hosts, where you can get good quality servers for only a few Dollars per slot.

How to create a DayZ server?

If you found a provider that fits your needs, just order a server on their site. Most of the providers offer an easy to manage interface for the main configuration.

Popular DayZ Server Hosting

$1.3 Per Slot

GTXGaming was started in 2007. Offering very good prices and close contact support. GTX Gaming is a decent option for DayZ hosting. Many locations (26 Data Centers). Costs around $1.3 per slot.

$0.95 Per Slot

GPORTAL has been dedicated to private game–server hosting for more than 15 years. GPORTAL Gaming is a good option for DayZ hosting. Many locations, low costs (0.95$ per slot).